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Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. This means payment must clear for orders to process. Although most orders do ship within a few days, please allow 30 business days for orders to ship. On rare occasions due to high volume or shipping delays this time can be extended. If there is a need to cancel the order in the mean time, just let us know.  Please note that shipping over country borders can be held by customs for up to 30 days, and that is not our policy, but is the policy of customs. This is very rare as we keep an eye on packages and will clear up issues to get them processed. If you find an issue with your shipment over boarders, please let us know and we will be glad to help.

Pick up location for the North America branch is in Union Grove, Wisconsin. Please contact us to set up a time for pickup and would also prefer you contact us before you order so that we can plan accordingly, as we do most of our business online and through mail. 

Shipping prices are based on an average for the country in which the product is being sent to, which is determined by Subie Savers. We do not individually quote shipped per specific address due to capabilities of the website platform we use. This means you might pay more or less than the actual shipping cost. 


 All products we sell are subject to a 14 day, money back guarantee. In order to receive full reimbursement on the product(s), you must;

1. Contact us within 14 days of receiving the product(s).

2. Have proof of purchase. (PayPal order number is acceptable).

3. Return the products in original packaging in good condition, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by Subie Savers and customer.


Returns will be processed after product has been returned. Shipping charges are not subject for reimbursement unless otherwise agreed upon by Subie Savers and customer.


Please note that the panels we provide are a single piece of stamped steel. They are not cut-outs of existing cars. Panels might have small scratches or blemishes. These are normal and do not affect the panel's performance or use. Each panel is visually inspected prior to shipment and in some cases may be corrected prior to shipment to make sure the panels are up to par. All shipments are insured and if there is damage done during shipment, the shipment company should be contacted immediately as well as contacting us so we can help. We strive to deliver the best products we can at the cheapest price we can to insure customer satisfaction. As always, if there are any questions in regards to the panel's condition, please contact us.


If you have an issue and would like a return or have an issue with funds, message us first. If you go through PayPal first, they will LOCK YOUR FUNDS. We want to keep you happy and will find a way to work with you.


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